CAIRH - Roy Hart International Arts Center
Chateau de Malérargues
F-30140 Thoiras +33 466 85 45 98

26 - 31 Juillet 2016Voice Dance Space (Full)register

Directed by Edda HEEG & Rosemarie ANTON*
Hours: 33 (10h-13h & 17h30-20h) Sunday : 10h-13h&14h30-17h)
Participants: 12
Price: €495
Open to all

In this workshop we aim to explore each individual’s creative space through voice and dance, following the thread of emotions and images and giving them expression.

We will work in studios, with time for individual work, and also out side, using inspiration from the countryside around. How are voice and movement affected by nature and the elements – for example down by the river or by the light of the sunset? And how can we best integrate these influences in our own creativity ?

When we work out of doors, we may have different working hours.

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