CAIRH - Roy Hart International Arts Center
Chateau de Malérargues
F-30140 Thoiras +33 466 85 45 98

28 Sept / 24 Oct 2015 4 Week Vocal Intensive (Full)register

Directed by Carol Mendelsohn with Saule Ryan, David Goldsworthy, Walli Hoefinger & Christiane Hommelsheim.

This is a comprehensive programme of individual and group vocal training for those students who have already gained some experience in Roy Hart voice work or in other related fields. Students will be able to enjoy the process of developing the full expressive range of their voice. From exploration of archetypal sound to the theatrical expressions of texts (Shakespeare, poetry, etc.) and the imaginative interpretation of songs, each person will discover his/her unique vocal potential. In this workshop we will emphasize the profound connections between body, breath and vocal expression. The essential elements of the programme are: – Voice and body warm-ups – Individual and group voice lessons – Group improvisation with sound, text and music – Interpretation of song and text. Please send a short CV + photo with a cover letter in addition to the registration form. For more information: e-mail
Price : 1850 € (with lodging not food).

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