CAIRH - Roy Hart International Arts Center
Chateau de Malérargues
F-30140 Thoiras +33 466 85 45 98



Malérargues is situated 4 km from the village of Lasalle and 12 km from Anduze in the Cévennes mountains in the south of France. There is public transport from Nîmes (twice a day and once on Sundays and holidays). A rented car is very usefull. If you use public transport, follow these three steps.

1. First, get to Nîmes. By Plane: The nearest international airports are Montpellier Meditéranné and Nîmes/Arles. Both have connexions to Nîmes train station. Try Ryan Air for inexpensive tickets, even if you have to fly via London. By Bus: This way is often cheaper and sometimes faster than by train or air, and there is a good bus station in Nîmes behind the train station. Go to: or By Train: Go to: for tickets and booking information or for the most inexpensive tickets from Paris. There are also good rail connexions to Alès from Nîmes.

2. Then, get to Thoiras. Take the bus to St Jean du Gard from Nîmes or Alès. Ask to get off at the ancienne Gare de Thoiras. Timetables are available on the site: Tel. (+33) 4 66 85 30 28 or (+33) 4 66 30 24 86. If you miss the bus in Nîmes, take the bus or train to Alès, and then take a bus to Thoiras or taxi to Malérargues or arrange a pickup (see step 3).

3. And last, to get to Malérargues. There are two options. Pick-up by car: Usually available if you are in Thoiras or, exceptionally, if you are in Alès (and for a fee to help pay for gas). Please contact the Centre office in advance (tel. +33 4 66 85 45 98).


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