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Noah Pikes

“Born in London in 1941 and frustrated in my various attempts to discover a means of expression, it was not until 1967 that Roy Hart showed me it was right under my nose – my voice. Through it I have been able to engage creatively with myself and the existential questions that troubled me.

From 1974 I lived in Malérargues until moving to Switzerland in 1991. In 2004 I re-established a base in Malérargues. In the last twenty-five years, as well as continuing to work on my voice, I studied improvised music, movement, clown theatre, psychodrama, archetypal psychology, and contemporary shamanism. All these influences have been synthesised into the way of voice work I call The Whole Voice. This way is an amplification and revisioning of ideas central to Wolfsohn and Hart’s researches. It enables students to experience the whole which contains the many opposites present in both our human nature and in the human voice. This is what I most value in what I have received from their legacy and thus is the motivation for my teaching.”


Noah is a founding member of Roy Hart Theatre and was active in several acclaimed performances in England and Europe until 1985, especially in the musical realm. Since then he took a more solo direction, interweaving singing, texts, vocal sounds, theatre and clown, improvisation and composition, often in the company of improvising musicians.


As a teacher Noah has taught widely in Europe since 1979. He offers introductory and ongoing work for individuals and groups from all backgrounds who are interested to explore and develop their vocal creativity for personal and/or professional reasons. He also offers training to those who wish to integrate aspects of Roy Hart Theatre voice work into their own profession. His teaching is conducted as an ongoing dialogue with the student.


Dark Voices: The Genesis of Roy Hart Theatre by Noah Pikes, was published in English by Spring Journal Books in 2000 with a new and revised edition out in 2005. This is the only published book by a founding member of Roy Hart Theatre. The book can be bought directly from Noah by emailing:

Noah Pikes: e-mail.

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