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Rosemarie Anton

Graduated social education worker with main emphasis on “Social education work with children and young person displaying behavioral problems”
1989-1992 training as a Dansexpressie instructor with Zwaantje de Vries and R´douan Baroud, in cooperation with Hooge School voor de Kunsten/Amsterdam
Dansexpressie instructor (freelance) since 1990, Dansexpressie teaching for children, young person and adults, a large number of dance projects at primary and middle school.
Numerous preparations and presentations of dance productions for children and adults.
Teaching assignment for Dansexpressie for the education to a remedial teacher at Birkenhof ( 1999-2004),
Teaching assignment for Dansexpressie at HAWK Hildesheim 1998-2009, participation as choreograph and consultant for international productions of HAWK ( “Les Bleu et les Jaunes“ (“The Blues and the Yellows”) a German-Moroccan theatre project, and “Frauen 007- Migrantinnen auf der Reise“ (“Women 007 – Migrants on a yourney”), an international dance theatre project for women)
Assistant director, Choreograph and dancer in various productions of Theaterwerkstatt Hannover (a.o. “Vaginamonologe”, “Ithaka –  oder nach Hause kommen” (“Ithaka – or coming home”), as well as own productions and productions in cooperation with artists from Hannover.
Regular workshops and further training offers in Germany and abroad, at different institutes: Akademie Loccum, Landesjugendamt Dresden, Kargah Hannover Lotsenprojekt, in France at Roy Hart Theatre, in Greece on the island Aigina.

Dansexpressie is a dance method developpedin the Netherlands, that has the idea that everybody can dance.The aim of Dansexpressie is to discover anew the own personal dance and above all the joy in it and to share it with others.

Dansexpressie is dancing without exercise stress and predetermined step combinations. It is an offer to rediscover possibilities of expression, that have often been forgotten, to move body and soul and to connect with our inner.

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