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Guest Teachers

Annette Mengel


German composer born January 24, 1961 in Giessen Hessen ( Germany) Annette Mengel joined in 1980 the Musikhochschule Hannover , where she studied piano with Bernhard Ebert and musical analysis with Helmut Lachenmann . She then completed his training in France, especially with Emmanuel Nunes and then follows Toru Takemitsu in 1998 , the curriculum of the Ateliers UPIC computer music . In 2002, she won the Villa Medici Outside the walls of the AFAA program and stay in Istanbul. His works performed in many international festivals, including Musica , The Music , Manca , are written for small instrumental ensembles and / or voice ( Masal for mixed choir , 2007) and sometimes require electroacoustic devices ( Ezan – Ländler for horn and electronics, 2008 Identification IV for mezzo- soprano, flute and electroacoustic device , 2012). Inspired by Turkish culture , Annette Mengel confronts her cultural heritage and contemporary musical universe with the subtlety of Eastern melodic lines ( Toprak , 2004; human Landscapes , 2009), the Instrumentarium Middle East ( Sabâ – ney for Sehnaz Beste , 2009) and set to music texts of the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet (En güzel , 2000). She has been commissioned by various French institutions (Ministry of Culture, SACEM etc . ) And his music is interpreted by specialized units, such as the Route Together Musicatreize Ensemble , Ensemble L’Instant Donné , The young soloists and Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart . She is also the author of a Master’s Thesis II in Music and Musicology at the Sorbonne entitled ” Neva Kar ” and ” Neva Beste ” of Buhûri – zade Mustafa Itri Efendi . Alongside his work as a composer , Annette Mengel taught successively at the University of Marne-la -Vallée and the Conservatoire de Montpellier.

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Agnes Pollner


After graduating from Mozarteum, Salzburg 1983, I worked as actress and singer for more than 10 years in german theatres. During that time I also extensively trained in “Method-Acting” , Lee Strasberg’s explorative body-mind training for performers. In 1993 the Roy-Hart-Voice-Work found me through Clara and Paul Silber and I have been working and living with this vision for voice and human beings ever since. I am teaching voice and acting since the early nineties aiming at supporting people to unfold their creative powers. Happily married to Ralf Peters we co founded “KörperschafftKlang”, a voice-theatre-company with its seat in Köln, where we live. In my capacity as a buddhist meditation teacher I am using voice and bodywork as a medium on that path of liberation as well.


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Anne Hartkamp


Jazz singer Anne Hartkamp has been in close touch with the Roy Hart Theatre work ever since participating in her first seminars with Paul and Clara Silber in 1997 and, later on, with Jonathan Hart-Makwaia. One of the better known singers on the German jazz scene, she can be heard on numerous CDs, including some as a composer and band leader. Apart from her intense song interpretations, her trademark is a playful, instrumental and improvisational approach to the voice. Anne Hartkamp teaches jazz singing at the University for Applied Sciences in Osnabrueck, Germany.
For more infos, listening samples and videos, please visit (in German and English language)

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Caroline Boersma


Caroline Boersma

After her studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (A.Bijlsma) she moved to Italy, where she worked at S.Cecilia Symphonic Orchestra (Rome). Further on she collaborated with various baroque and classical chamberorchestras (Italy, Austria), concerting throughout Europe and Japan.
She has worked with musicians like Fabio Biondi, Alfredo Bernardini, Kees Boeke, G.Letzbor (Ars Antiqua Austria) in both concerts and recordings.
She was invited as a guest teacher at various baroquemusic seminars (Italy).
Since 1988 she is member of Tripla Concordia, playing the baroquecello both as soloist and as continuoplayer. With this ensemble she appeared on radio and television in several countries of the European Union and performed at major music festivals both in Italy and abroad, such as Musica e Poesia a S. Maurizio in Milan, the Schlosskonzerte in Salzburg (Austria), the Festival Internacional de Musica Antigua de Daroca (Spain), the Music Weeks at the Cité de la Musique de Paris (France), Haendel Festival in Halle (Germany). With Tripla Concordia she made a number of recordings, which have earned international recognition (Stradivarius, Dynamic, Nuova Era, Philharmonia, Cantus (Spain), Brilliant (Belgium).
From 1990 till 1999 she participated regularly in music-theatre productions (solo-cello and performing-arts).
In 2002 she founded the ensemble AlmaTéssara (PianoTrio and Voice), dedicated to chambermusic of the 19th and 20th century, with special attention to woman composers and the creation of multidimensional performances (Widmer-Switserland/Brasil).
In 2011 she founded String Trio Mizar, together with Renata Lacko (violin) and Carmelo Giallombardo (viola). This same year she recorded a cycle of Vivaldi Sonatas with Tripla Concordia.
Currently she is training as a Choir Conducter at the Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo School of Choir Conducting.
Since 2006 she has been a coordinator and teacher for the Music Program at the Accademia dell’Arte in collaboration with Furman University (South Carolina, US).
More recently her responsibilities include assisting in the administrative direction of the Master of Fine Arts

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Rosemarie Anton


Graduated social education worker with main emphasis on “Social education work with children and young person displaying behavioral problems”
1989-1992 training as a Dansexpressie instructor with Zwaantje de Vries and R´douan Baroud, in cooperation with Hooge School voor de Kunsten/Amsterdam
Dansexpressie instructor (freelance) since 1990, Dansexpressie teaching for children, young person and adults, a large number of dance projects at primary and middle school.
Numerous preparations and presentations of dance productions for children and adults.
Teaching assignment for Dansexpressie for the education to a remedial teacher at Birkenhof ( 1999-2004),
Teaching assignment for Dansexpressie at HAWK Hildesheim 1998-2009, participation as choreograph and consultant for international productions of HAWK ( “Les Bleu et les Jaunes“ (“The Blues and the Yellows”) a German-Moroccan theatre project, and “Frauen 007- Migrantinnen auf der Reise“ (“Women 007 – Migrants on a yourney”), an international dance theatre project for women)
Assistant director, Choreograph and dancer in various productions of Theaterwerkstatt Hannover (a.o. “Vaginamonologe”, “Ithaka –  oder nach Hause kommen” (“Ithaka – or coming home”), as well as own productions and productions in cooperation with artists from Hannover.
Regular workshops and further training offers in Germany and abroad, at different institutes: Akademie Loccum, Landesjugendamt Dresden, Kargah Hannover Lotsenprojekt, in France at Roy Hart Theatre, in Greece on the island Aigina.

Dansexpressie is a dance method developpedin the Netherlands, that has the idea that everybody can dance.The aim of Dansexpressie is to discover anew the own personal dance and above all the joy in it and to share it with others.

Dansexpressie is dancing without exercise stress and predetermined step combinations. It is an offer to rediscover possibilities of expression, that have often been forgotten, to move body and soul and to connect with our inner.

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Elena Lucca


Elena Lucca is a Biodance System teacher and supervisor at both participants and professors level. Her activities are developed in Argentina and several European countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.
Elena has a PhD in Environment Management and Ecology gained at Avignon University, France, with studies in Peace and Development Gained in Spain. She is teaching this subject in Master’s module in several universities en Argentine and European countries.
She also is in charge of the Local Agenda 21 actions in Argentine.
In Art she proposes environmental poetic perception through audiovisual media work.
Since 1990, she taught with Kozana Lucca the annual stage of Voice, Colour and Environment, at Malérargues for the CAIRH.

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Jesús Muñoz Saiz


Jesús Muñoz Saiz studied at The Drama School of Valencia (Spain) and worked with teachers from different companies as Odin Teatret and European schools as Decroux or Lecoq.

In 2000 he funds a group of physical and vocal training for performers, which becomes a theatre company after two years, named El pont Flotant, where he works as an actor, writer and coodirector. Since then, he combines the creation and the touring of their pieces with the work in other companies as an actor. He also teaches physical and vocal work for actors on a regular basis in different drama schools. In 2005 he has his first contact with Roy Hart work and in 2008, he starts a Pedagogic Voice Training Program, directed by Carol Mendelsohn and Saule Ryan.

‘My voice work is a mixture of what I discovered in these years of research with my partners in theatre and what I found at Malérargues: the place where I learned to express myself through my voice – as human being and as an actor’.

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