CAIRH - Roy Hart International Arts Center
Chateau de Malérargues
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WORK ON THE VOICE as practised and taught by Roy Hart Theatre teachers is an art and can be a liberating and exciting experience. The work is both pragmatic and imaginative and can have a psychological affect on restricting patterns of behavior and habits of thought, bringing life and vitality to an individual, or to an artistic creation.

ALFRED WOLFSOHN was the founder of the special style of voice training, popularly known as the Roy Hart Theatre approach. His experiences of the cries of dying soldiers during World War I, and later his disgust at the artificially broadcast voices heard everywhere in Hitler’s Berlin, led him to explore the nature and possibilities of the voice. A pioneer in the realm of voice research, his avant-garde studies revealed the potential of the voice as not only an instrument of artistic expression but also of human development, psychology, and therapy. “The voice is the muscle of the soul”.

ROY HART THEATRE work is body-oriented, stimulating, and provocative. With emphasis on the uniqueness of each voice, the teaching seeks to inform and strengthen the ‘normal’ vocal range. However, the work also tries to develop in each person’s voice greater height and depth, and even, other voices. All this helps to increase the musical and theatrical ability of each student. The majority of the teachers at the Centre were taught by Roy Hart. Since their move from London to Malérargues in 1974, they have added years of experience in voice, theatre, music, dance, art, movement training, and psychology. Widely known for their sympathetic and professional qualities, each teacher brings special experience and the fruits of their own creative research. Throughout the year invited teachers and scholars bring their particular professional skills and fresh perspectives to the Centre. Most courses are open to everyone. Some are especially designed for beginners who wish to discover RHT work, while others have a particular orientation and are more closely linked to specific disciplines. All courses are accredited by the French government. Participant numbers are limited to ensure that each student receives individual attention.

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