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Walli Höfinger

Walli Höfinger
Performer, Performance Artist, Voice Teacher, living in Berlin, Germany.
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2009

Movement, musicality, imagination, improvisation, experiment, writing, composition

For me singing is about listening and connecting through the voice. Listening with the soul through the body or through the body with the soul – the voice makes it audible.

My focus in sharing the voice work with others lies in listening. Listening with the whole body, listening to ones inner voice, listening to the poetical and musical voice of oneself and others. This focus lays the path for connection to each persons voice and developing artistic expression from there.

Walli Höfinger is an Austrian performance artist, voice performer and Roy Hart Voice Teacher. She works equally solo and in different formations together with artists of other fields in interdisciplinary projects. She originally studied “New Artistic Media” with Ulrike Rosenbach in Saarbrücken, parallel she started working in the contemporary dance field. Since then develops her own original work focusing on movement, video-installation, composition and voice. She is regularly teaching voice-workshops in Germany and all around Europe.

Walli has worked with Richard Armstrong, David Goldsworthy, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Marianne Le Thron, Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, Rossignol, Judi Wilson, Linda Wise.
She speaks german, english, french.

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Walli Höfinger, Performance Art,
Die Eigene Stimme, Voice Teaching,

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