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Walli Höfinger

In my teaching I emphasis on the connection between movement, inner imagery and voice. I am always happy to find ways to bring out all the different colors of the voice and how to set them into an artistic context.

I started my artistic path in 1993  studying “New Artistic Media” with focus on performance art with Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach at the Fine Arts Academy of Saarbruecken, Germany. Along with my studies I worked as a dancer and performer in various dance-projects. Since 1996 I develop my own performances with movement/air-acrobatics, video-installation, sound, colored light and voice. I have performed my work in different european countries, but mostly Germany.

During 2005 and 2006 I wrote and performed a theatrical performance with the help of Judi Wilson/Montpellier, herself actress/Roy Hart voice teacher and director. Since then I am involved with artistic writing processes connected to voice.

Lately I collaborated and performed in the “Fermata Project”, an international theater-project, produced and directed by Barbara Simenson/Denmark and composed by Laila Skovman/Denmark.
I teach Performance Art, Movement and Voice since 2006. I have taught in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Spain. Since 2010 I am also a Roy Hart Center Voiceteacher at the Center.

I live and work  at the old estate Reichenow (close to Berlin), surrounded by artists from different fields.
My mothertongue is german, but I also teach in english and french.

Photo: © Hanna Lippmann

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