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Susanne Weins

Susanne Weins was born in Germany in 1964.
She studied rhythm and music at the Folkwang Conservatory in Essen, Germany, becoming registered music teacher in 1996. She is also a registered physical therapist with an additional degree in F.M. Alexander Technique.
Susanne Weins began to work with the Roy Hart Theatre in 1984. From 1984 to 1994 she worked  manly with Marita Günther,Robert Harvey. Then with Jonathan Hart-Makwaia ,Rosmarie Quinn- Makwaia. During this time she worked in the fields of teaching voice development,  theatrical and musical improvisation,  voice and movement, and interpretation of songs and poetry. In 2003 Susanne Weins became Roy Hart Teacher.
In 2005 she became a certified  speech and language teacher with an degree of (DGSS)
Since 1997 she has been teaching voice and movement for professional dancer, actor and performer , and happy newcomer  at the tanzhaus nrw,.She accompanies diverse art and dance  productions and produces her own Performances with different  companies and solos as a singer and performing artist in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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