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On completion of certain Roy Hart Theatre Association training programs, students are awarded recognised professional qualifications.


This page and further information about the Roy Hart Theatre Teacher Training are not available at the moment.

The structure of the Teacher Training is in transition. The new structure will be posted as soon as possible. However, a new Teacher Training Group has just begun a two year program in September 2015. We are not accepting any new participants for the moment, but if you are interested please send your information to Edda Heeg at the address below and we will get back to you.

Proposed workshop dates in 2016:

29 March – 8 April 2016
30 June – 10 July 2016
6 – 16 September 2016

Each session lasts 11 days with one day off:
60 hours
8-10 participants
Price: 900 euros (plus housing)

For more information about the Teacher Training program please contact Edda Heeg.

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The General Attestation
gives recognition to the training and work which students have had with approved Roy Hart Theatre teachers. To earn this attestation, the student is required to have completed 300 hours of group work and 30 hours of individual voice lessons (defined as lessons either alone with a teacher or with one or two other students and a teacher) anywhere in the world. A list of dates, places, and teachers submitted to the Centre’s administration is required to be credited.
(Details about upcoming recommended, intensive courses in Malérargues are on the website.)

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