CAIRH - Roy Hart International Arts Center
Chateau de Malérargues
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The Centre Artistique International Roy Hart (CAIRH) is a democratic association that exists to foster the dynamic heritage of Roy Hart Theatre. Roy Hart Theatre is known for its unique work on vocal expression and the extension of the human voice. It has its origins in the work of Alfred Wolfsohn, and his research into the links between the voice and soul. He wrote,

“I live by breathing in and breathing out. I sing by transforming this breath into sound, sound which in turn forms the material for the contents of the soul”.

Many of his pupils continued the work after his death in London, and at the instigation of Roy Hart, they created a radical production of The Bacchae (1968), which drew the attention of Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook, Jack Lang, and Jean Louis Barrault (among others) and prompted the creation of Roy Hart Theatre. Over twenty-five productions toured in Europe, the USA, South America, Israel and North Africa. Gradually new companies — Panthéâtre, Archipelago and Amadée were formed within Roy Hart Theatre, which led to the creation of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart (1991). These companies and other members of the original Roy Hart Theatre company continue to explore the voice, to create, perform, and teach at the Centre and all over the world. To this day, the work of Roy Hart Theatre is recognised as one of the major influences in the field of voice in both its artistic and personal applications. The task of the CAIRH is to bring together and promote all the unique voices of this heritage in a professional and democratic way while maintaining the ethical profundity of Wolfsohn’s and Hart’s vision for the future. A path is being laid for the embodiment of this experience in future generations through pedagogic programmes for new teachers.

The CAIRH is a French ‘Association 1901′, which is much more than the English language equivalent, ‘Non profit making organisation’. It is run by a board of directors (Conseil d’administration) elected by its members. The objectives of the Association are:

  • To develop the creative and teaching activities of the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre, previously known as The Roy Hart Theatre.
  • To manage the artistic and intellectual legacy of Alfred Wolfsohn, Roy Hart and of The Roy Hart Theatre.
  • To continue artistic research, especially in the area of the human voice.
  • To produce and host theatre & music performances; to organise courses and art exhibitions.

The Annual General Meeting takes place in Malérargues in summer; an Extraordinary General Meeting may be held during Members Week, which often takes place at the opening of the new season around Easter time. Members Week – open to all members – is a time of exchange of ideas, performances and teaching. All members are covered by the insurance of the Centre while they are working at Malérargues. They receive at least two newsletters each year, early notification of programmes at Malérargues and elsewhere, special price offers for workshops and performances and access to studios at Malérargues for their own creative work.

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