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Night of performances

photo: David Goldsworthy

The last celebration of our fortieth summer at Malérargues was La nuit de performances on the 9th and 10th of August: a hundred persons, 25 performances, the fullest moon and, amazingly in this, the wettest of all those 40 summers, no rain. You can see the pictures here


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Our summer of celebration

40 years is not very comfortable – the time for a mid-life crisis. It is embarrassing to go back to the mad idealism and courage of our youth, but go back we must: Not for nostalgia, but to pay our respects to them.

We celebrated the actual anniversary of the first arrivals in Malérargues on the 1st of July with fun and beauty with young and old friends. There was the inauguration of a new gallery with an exhibition of photographs taken in 1974 by Ivan Midderigh.

Then there was the opening presentation of the 30th. Myth and Theatre Festival by Enrique Pardo.

Followed by a wonderfully chaotic dinner for sixty people – chaotic because it was in Salamandre due to the traditional thunderstorm that always seems to want to join our biggest parties. Speeches, toasts, songs, lightning and thunder.

The next event will be our own party on the 18th of July, which will kick-off with a water volleyball match Europe v the Americas. Followed by dinner and dancing and early to bed, because we are not so young as we were and there are workshops in the morning.

On the other hand, on August 9th. there will be La Nuit de performances: 10pm to 6am filled with a full moon, shooting stars and all the creative variety of Roy Hart Theatre. Find out more on the blog.

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40 years at Malérargues

P7010579 - Version 2

Dear Friends,

the first seven members of Roy Hart Theatre actually arrived in Malérargues on the 1st of July 1974 – forty years ago. 2014 is also the thirtieth anniversary of Myth and Theatre. This year the theme of the festival is Dream(s) and we thought to launch it with a celebration of the biggest, maddest and longest-standing dream of them all … Malérargues.


18H30:   Opening of Ivan’s exhibition of photographes of Malérargues from 1974/5
19H30:    Festivale Mythe et théâtre introduction to DREAM(s) by Enrique Pardo, followed by a welcome drink and an informal ceremony in memory of the forty years at Malérargues.
20H30:   Buffet dinner in the Salamandre courtyard (so please come with something sweet and your MEMORIES….)

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Calendar of events for this summer

The singers are back in Malérargues !

Just two weeks ago the scratchy winter acacias began to show the most beautiful green there is and we were listening for the nightingales. When they arrived there voices were scratchy like the acacias as if they were learning to sing again after a winter in Africa.

But now the acacias are white with blossom, the air full of their scent and songs of Nightingales. They will sing day and night right into the height of summer. And so will we.

And here is the

Programme of events and performances at Malérargues 2014

Last summer there were 29 performance events. This summer, our 40th in Malérargues, there will be even more. Many of them improvised in the last moment, but here is the programme so far. It is sure to evolve, so make sure to check it out regularly on the C.A.I.R.H site  

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The new programme of workshops for 2014 is online and filling rapidly, don’t wait.

The spring has arrived in Malérargues with a beautiful vengence of nature and rehearsals.

2014 marks the fortieth anniversary of Roy Hart Theatre at Malérargues and we intend to celebrate it!

From March to November there will be performances, lectures, exhibitions and workshops offered by the Centre and by the members of the world wide family of Roy Hart Theatre: “Attention Travaux”: Regular open rehearsals, meetings with artists in residence and open classes; “Generation”: Music composition by Sašo Wollmaier for and with founding members of Roy Hart Theatre; “Regeneration”: Music-theatre creation by the younger artists, who have come to us in recent years; “The night of performances” by all the generations together; The 20th Festival of Myth and theatre in association with Panthéâtre; Exhibition of paintings by Enrique Pardo drawn from his performance, “Hitler”. COME AND HELP US CELEBRATE! workshops 2014

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Program for 2013/2014

On May 4th at the New York Society for Ethical Culture there was a tribute honouring

James Hillman

Forty friends, poets, philosophers, teachers, musicians, dancers, singers, analysts, actors, grandchildren and his barber came together to create a moving piece of theatre in celebration of

His life     His Thought     His Art

For over three hundred people it was a beautiful event with a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. Even those of us, who had known him for a long time were amazed and inspired once again by the depth and consistency of that life, thought and art.

Roy Hart Theatre and the CAIRH are greatly indebted and inspired by him – Thanks James.

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25th anniversary of Béa at Malérargues

June 1987 ………… June 2012 On Monday 25 of June we celebrated Béa’s 25 years of work at the Centre. A party full of fun and good humour… and “Blue Swede Shoes”

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Open Day

The new season at Malérargues is launched!

See the video of the Open Day

When we arrived in Malérargues in 1974 it was a ‘Sleeping Monster’ complete with bats, mice and spiders. Two streams ran through in wet weather. This spring we are restoring the ‘last ruin’ to become a studio apartment for guest teachers, artists in residence and students from all over the world.

The Magnanerie theatre has been brought up to the latest security norms. There is new sound and light equipment, which will allow us to offer more and better public performances.

The summer will be hot, alive and full, so don’t hesitate. But the spring is beautiful and calm. See the programmes.








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The New Season at Malérargues

On the 22nd of March Roy Hart Teacher Walli Höfinger, and Artist in Residence Louise Desbrusses will present their solo contributions for the Deborah Hay choreography, “I Think Not”.

We are inviting our friends and cultural partners from the region to join us for the evening and we would love to see as many of you that can make it.

On the following Saturday 31 March we will have an Open Doors Day – ‘Une Journée Portes Ouvertes’; a chance to share Malérargues itself and the new season’s programme of activities with our friends, our cultural partners and especially our close neighbours. There will be a buffet and guided tours of the centre.

The Teacher Training Group starts the day before and I hope that this important activity might be a focus. Teachers Christiane, Susanne, Edda and Walli will have been working on their ‘Voicelines’ project that week and will show their work-in-progress. There will also be presentations of some of the current artistic projects at Malérargues.

Please come and join us for either, or both of these events.

The programme of workshops for 2012 is online.

James Hillman, good friend and great inspiration to Malérargues died at his home in Thompson, Connecticut on the 27 October.

New York Times obit   Observer Obit  James Hillman and Malérargues

[Read more...]

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New Season, New Site

The new spring season opens in April with new projects, new floors in the studios, even some new beds in the gîtes, new website, a new generation of teachers and most of all a new direction.

A totally new website: Thanks to the ingenuity, hard work and generosity of many members: Here it is, the new web site! Faster, more logical, easier to use with many new functions and features. Take a tour in it, enjoy it – and let us know what we got wrong.

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